Police Exam US

If you want to become a police officer in any state of the US, you
have to write an exam. This is not the exam to determine whether you
pass or fail the course, but to see whether you meet part of the
eligibility requirements for the position. There are a series of tests
you have to take before you even get to the training courses.

First of all you do have to graduate from high school. In most cases
today completion of a university degree is one of the requirements for
such a job. You have to be in excellent physical condition. Before you
do apply it is best to make sure you start a regimen of running and
weightlifting to ensure your chances of acceptance. The police
department will do a background check on you and if there are any
indiscretions, even if they are only minor, will seriously impede you
chances of being accepted into the force.

Once you pass the physical exam, which will include vision and hearing
tests, you do have to pass a lie detector test and a drug test. After
satisfactory results in these areas, you will be called to an
interview in which you will complete a personality test used to assess
qualities such as your judgment, integrity and sense of

If you are deemed to be a suitable candidate, you can join the next
round of training offered by the department. This training takes the
form of college or university courses along with basic training. You
will have to endure rigorous training with training in the morning,
classes all day, training again in the evening and then you have to
find time for studying. There are exams in all the classes that you
have to pass.

Even after you graduate from the training, you still have to write an
exam before you can work as a police officer. Each state has its own
schedule for testing and its own police officer exam. You do need to
obtain a passing score in this exam in order to receive the
certification you need to obtain a job.